Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker in Star Wars: The Last Jedi

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Mark Hamill, did you ever expect Star Wars to be so successful?

“Well the question I get all the time is, did you ever expect it to be so successful? I did think it would be successful because it was a fantasy that had a sense of humor. I thought it was hilarious. It’s amazing how warm people are. I’m always taken a back because they make you feel like you’re part of the family. Now that stories, you know I met my wife online for Empire Strikes Back or whatever like you named my daughter Leia, you know everyone has a personal story. A line I said in the first one that now has been in all of them, I don’t know about Rogue One, I’ve only seen that once. “I have a very bad feeling about this”. That’s another thing, people have seen these things more than I have, so they correct me, or I’ll say the “medical droid” and they go like “IG-88”. A lot of these things weren’t named until they became toys and we called them when they were shooting in the medical droid but when they made it into a toy they had to have some designation to copyright.

Basically, I started collecting things that I wanted when I was a kid but I couldn’t get, so I got all the monster model kits I wanted, you know the Aurora model kits, the Beatles. I never paid any attention to the merchandising, I only liked the records said who who’d by the Beatles flipped your wig game it’s so stupid of course the minute they broke up I wanted all that stuff. So, I have a pretty nice Beatles memorabilia collection. It’s hard to explain to young people because you can read about it but unless you were there that was my Star Wars when they hit the Ed Sullivan Show the earth tilted off its axis and nothing was ever the same again.

I have a horrible Chewbacca, well how does he sound. I mean they really got it going on and Cumberbatch can pretty much do anything. I saw him in Frankenstein in both parts. One thing I loved, I was reading the screenplay it’s the type of movie where you go when does the monster show up and there’s sand people but they could be human under the robes and then you walk into a bar where there’s 50,000 of them everywhere. The ones that are further away from you know people in costumes are the most fascinating, those puppeteers are just amazing and there’s a scene in Episode 8 where well it’ll blow your mind. I mean I went on that set and I don’t think I’ve ever been on a set that opulent in my life. There were 150 extras, wardrobe make up, prosthetics, puppets but I mean I’m not getting anything anyway because Ryan talked about a casino and that’s what this is and Michael Kaplan designed all the Wardrobe and variations of black and white. I mean it was just breathtaking and I thought this set alone could probably finance about 30 low-budget features.

I play Darth Bane on one of the Star Wars animated series. I don’t know how the main cast felt because I went and did it by myself been doing the Joker for 24 years never got an Emmy nomination, did that character wants Emmy nomination. Now thank God, I didn’t win because I certainly didn’t deserve it. The cast is just the best voice-over people in the business. Here they do 65 episodes really work hard, I come in for 20 minutes and snag an Emmy nom. Do I use a lightsaber in the new one? We’ll have to wait for it!”

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