10 Cool Star Wars Christmas Gifts For Men 2018

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a list with cool star wars christmas gifts

10 Cool Star Wars Christmas Gifts For Men 2018 (Geek Star Wars Gifts)

It is time to uncover a collection of the 10 Cool Star Wars Christmas Gifts For Men as Christmas are a breath away!

A season for celebrations, family moments and … Gifts for any star wars geek.

The shops are already fully equipped and there are many choices. But there is a gift category that makes your choice a bit more … difficult. They are the gifts for men! Discover some cool star wars gifts below.

Clearly, all men and women enjoy receiving gifts, but the approach is often different.

Therfore, If you’re wondering about a present for your boyfriend, father or brother and you get confused, don’t be disappointed because this Star Wars Merchandise Store is the solution, and it will make shopping funnier and easier than ever!

Even though you have no idea what to shop for, we created a 10 Cool Star Wars Gifts For Men list for you that we believe will inspire and make it easier to choose what is most suitable for your family!

Seems like you need to grab a cup of coffee, and enjoy the ride! Cool Star Wars Gifts are awaiting. May the geek star wars gifts be with you!


destroyer ship star wars metal necklace

10. Star Wars Destroyer Ship Metal Necklace

Get ready with the Destroyer Ship, a fine metal necklace strong with The Force. First of all, the Imperial-class Star Destroyer was a legend destroyer utilized by the Galactic Empire after the fall of the Galactic Republic as an alternative to small Venator-class star Destroyer. The Imperial-class contains two variations; Imperial I-class and Imperial II-class. It surely feels awesome wearing one of those elegant accessories for every Star Wars fan!

“Very good quality. excellent design”


Buy Your Necklace Here ($8.99)




Star Wars Colorful Crystal LED KeyChain 

9. Star Wars Colorful Crystal LED KeyChain 

Turn the Switch on, and this keychain will start a colorful cycling between eight different colors. (orange, red, white, blue, etc). This colorful led crystal keychain will shine even in the darkest places. Just what your keys wanted. Very good, one of a kind Star Wars Keychain that I recommend.

It is available in a variety of styles which includes Darth Vader, BB-8 and Stormtrooper. Get them while they last!

This keyring is also known as: Key ring star wars, star wars keyring light, star wars light up keychain, star wars led keyring.

Buy Your Keychain Here: ($9.00)




gold star wars iphone case black background r2d2 and logo

8. Luxury Star Wars Hard Matte Cover

This luxury Star Wars Matte iPhone case will satisfy even the most notorious Star Wars fans. This Case was created to protect your iPhone, and is constructed of a superior quality, high sturdiness tough plastic. Having an excellent feel and grip, this case will shine right out of the crowd. Easy installation, correctly fitted whilst keeping all the availability of slots and buttons.
Available in R2-D2 design or pure Star Wars logo design, you can now fulfill your dreams!
This item is also known as: r2d2 cover, r2d2 iphone cover.

Buy This Sick Cover Here ($9.00)




star wars mens wallet captain phasma

7. Star Wars Captain Phasma Men’s Wallet

Remember that shiny metallic armor of Captain Phasma? That is how much is sure to stand in the crowed with this Captain Phasma Wallet! Get equipped with this elegant Star Wars Captain Phasma wallet and remember. With such a gorgeous wallet, you can’t go wrong, period. Take Command!

Purchase My Wallet ($19.99)




darth vader r2d2 and stormtrooper cotton socks Cool Star Wars Christmas Gifts

6. Star Wars Funny Casual Cotton Socks

Introducing these legendary Star Wars socks, you can now Join the Dark Side in your drawer. You may now seize power through the force with the Sith. These socks are probably the ones you were looking for.

Available for Lord Darth Vader – R2D2 – Stormtrooper.

childrens star wars socks, star wars socks for children

I am Sick of These Socks! ($8.99)




darth vader back backpack with extracted face on forcebay

5. Darth Vader Backpack

“You use it everyday, choose wisely.”


Since you likely use it every single day,  backpacks should be easy to use in terms of usability and design. Fortunately, there is a backpack which complies. It is the Darth Vader Backpack. Star the new year with this high quality Darth Vader Backpack.

The backpack will definitely fill all your needs.

I Deserve This Backpack! ($44.50)




star wars boba fett kylo ren darth vader yoda usb drive flash

4. Star Wars USB Pen Drive

“Life is too short to remove USB drive safely.”


If you’re the sort of person who wants attractively designed USB flash drives at a realistic price, then you are in the right place. The USB Star Wars Collection by Forcebay – gives you a fairly easy solution to move your entire important documents, music, videos and favourite photographs. Five of the very most famous character types in the world of Star Wars, crafted from soft silicone with exceptional focus on detail. Compatible with Windows, Apple, Linux, etc. You can securely carry the USB everywhere you go, even for swimming (just kidding) thanks to it’s durable casing.

Get one of these EPIC Star Wars USB drives.

Available in 4 GB / 8 GB /16 GB / 32 GB sizes.

A Star Wars USB is a Must! $9.95




stormtrooper and darth vader mug black and white Cool Star Wars Christmas Gifts

3. Darth Vader & Stormtrooper Mug


“Become your mug master.”


Star Wars Darth Vader Mug


Star Wars Stormtrooper Mug


Whether you choose to enjoy your morning cup of joyness in the living room or the Throne Room, both these incredible Darth Vader & Stormtrooper Mugs are fit to handle your drink bidding. Fill the Storm Trooper Mug with some hot tea to trap your sleepiness as an Ewok, or put coffee in to the Darth Vader mug and get a momentum. One of the best geek star wars gifts available out there.

The coolest mugs ever! Available for Darth Vader and Stormtrooper.


This is What I call, Morning! ($37.60)




death star led lamp night light star wars

2. Star Wars Death Star Novelty LED Lamp Light

Your room will shine again with this unbeatable Death Star LED lamp light. Let Darth’s Vader Home in your room and feel the joy of the dark side.

Features a touch button at the base and able to change 7 different colors.

My Room Will Shine Again! $26.80




stormtrooper bracelet for men christmas Cool Star Wars Christmas Gifts

1. Star Wars Stormtrooper Mask Metal Silver Alloy Bracelet

Dress to your personality and support the rebels with this Stormtooper Bracelet. It features the face mask of the Stormtrooper and has a silver, high-polish carry out. Most noteworthy, tt is made out of silver alloy. This bracelet also makes an excellent addition to any fan’s collection.

This bracelet is a must have for every Star Wars fan.

Shut Up and Take My Money ($8.99)


10 Cool Star Wars Christmas Gifts For Men 2018


Still looking for Star Wars Geek Gifts for you or your family? Keep scrolling!

New Collection Star Wars Gadgets    “Go Green”

Discover the new Death Star Grinder, available hereSpend great time with your friends relaxing in a quite place.


The Herb Grinders may be used to cut and chop legal smoking herb products. Sometimes, they are also referred as tobacco grinders. In addition, typical Grinders consist of two parts (the top and the bottom part) which are separated by sharp teeths allowing for chopping the herbs. Also, chopping herbs takes the most time when smoking or vaping therefore you can make it simpler by having a look on the video below showing a beautiful Star Wars Death Star Grinder from the world’s best manufactures.

This Death Star moon seems to be the ideal gift for star wars fans who like to cook and need to chop herbs, or to friends who would like to relax somewhere and get stoned. It comes in a luxury black box and once open you see the magic.



Are you a star wars geek? Looking for star wars geek gifts or star wars christmas gifts? You are at the right place.




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